The 12 Best Orchid Pots of 2023 Help You Achieve Beautiful Blooms

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These top picks are the perfect combination of pretty and practical.

<p>Better Homes & Gardens / Kristin Kempa</p>

Better Homes & Gardens / Kristin Kempa

Orchids are works of art, and it’s worth investing in a beautiful pot that meets their moment. It’s also worth doing your research on the best orchid pots to ensure your plant is happy and healthy.

“Orchids are a bit pickier than other houseplants when it comes to their home,” says Ryan McEnaney, fifth-generation plantsman, garden designer, and author of Field Guide to Outside Style. Their roots don’t need a ton of room to grow or excess moisture (in fact, overwatering them can be a problem), but they do benefit from sun exposure.

In order to track down the best orchid pots, we looked at size, material, design, and more to narrow down our top picks.

Best Overall: Santino ORCHIDEA Self Watering Pot

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Why You Should Get It

Keep in Mind

This pick has earned the title of best orchid pot because of three key traits: functionality, variety, and value.

The pot is self-watering, which means the inner pot can be removed to fill up the bottom of the outer pot with water. (Warning: It fits pretty snugly, so you may have trouble separating the pieces.) The orchid will then drink up as needed via the installed wick system, preventing overwatering, and you can monitor when a refill is needed from a small window at the bottom of the pot.

You can also choose between eight colors and two sizes, providing plenty of options to match your plant and decor. Finally, the best part is the price: all of this comes for under $20.

Price at time of publish: From $15

Product Details: Size: 4 x 6 x 4.9 inches or 5 x 7 x 5.9 inches | Material: Plastic

Best Budget: Better Homes & Gardens Thalea Scalloped Bowl with Stand

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Why You Should Get It

Keep in Mind

The best orchid pot on a budget is BHG’s own Thalea Scalloped Bowl with Stand. It’s made from ceramic yet has a convincing faux cement finish. Though it is gray, it can read as more blue or lavender depending on the lighting. The scalloped rim adds another elevated touch.

Thick and heavy ceramic makes the pot feel more expensive than it is. There are two drain holes, and they come with plugs that can be removed depending on your orchid’s needs. The shallowness of this pot is ideal because it allows for some sunlight exposure for the roots, and minimizes the risk of having too much soil.

The one problem is that having such a wide rim creates more room for roots to spread out than orchids typically want, so you’ll want to add a smaller pot in the middle to keep things contained.

Price at time of publish: $10

Product Details: Size: 8 x 3.7 inches | Material: Ceramic

Best Splurge: Tao Accents Blue & White Chain Orchid Pot

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Buy at

Why You Should Get It

Keep in Mind

Orchids and elegant pots go hand in hand. This orchid pot is hand shaped and painted in the Capital of Ceramic in China—where porcelain was first invented. That craftsmanship makes each pot a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Despite their delicate appearance, these pots are pretty hearty, though porcelain is a more breakable material than something like plastic. The pots are also weatherproofed and waterproof so they can be used outdoors as well as inside.

The relatively simple floral design is beautiful. The pattern is distinctive and it only comes in blue and white, so it may not pair well with every decor style. That said, we think it would look great in a wide variety of rooms.

Price at time of publish: $119

Product Details: Size: 8 x 6.5 x 8 inches | Material: Porcelain

Best Plastic: Room Essentials Indoor/Outdoor Self-Watering Planter

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Why You Should Get It

Keep in Mind

Not all of the best orchid pots need to be fancy, and this one from Target brand Room Essentials is proof. The smallest sizes are available for only a few dollars, with five sizes overall. The planters are modern and minimalist to complement any decor.

We appreciate that the planters come in sets of two. If you’re looking for other kinds of planters as well, Target has a whole collection in the same style to match.

There’s a built-in tray and a small port to make the self-watering aspect easy, which is great because orchids can become overhydrated easily. However, plants that are especially thirsty or have short roots will still need to be manually watered.

Price at time of publish: From $3 for set of two

Product Details: Size: 5 sizes, starting at 4 x 3.75  x 4 inches | Material: Polypropylene

Best Ceramic: Terrain Charcoal Ceramic Rounded Planter

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Why You Should Get It

Keep in Mind

Simple and effortlessly chic, this orchid pot is handmade from earthenware, meaning each piece’s coloring and texture is entirely unique. This variation gives the pot an authentically artisanal vibe.

Earthenware is a naturally porous material, which basically means that it has more holes in it for water and air to pass through. As a result, it’s more lightweight (a pro) but less durable (a con). You can easily carry it around if you need to change the orchid’s light exposure or bring it indoors for bad weather, but it’s more prone to breakage than other materials.

If you love this planter as much as we do, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are five other styles made from the same charcoal ceramic.

Price at time of publish: $48

Product Details: Size: 9.5 x 10 inches | Material: Ceramic

Best Clay: Pottery Barn Provence Scalloped Edge Planters

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Why You Should Get It

Keep in Mind

Bring the rustic elegance of a French garden into your space with one of these handcrafted scalloped containers. Whether you want a true terracotta, white, moss, or clay color, there’s something for every style.

Even better, there are planters, bowls, and urns so you can mix and match with all your other plants, too. While you do have options, you may not have as many as you’d like. Different colors offer different styles/sizes—from as little as two to as many as six.

We love the antique-style patina that makes these pots look charmingly aged right out of the box, without the price tag you often find with actual vintage pieces.

Price at time of publish: Starts at $30

Product Details: Size: 3 sizes, starting at 7 x 6.25 inches | Material: Terracotta

Best Clear: Royal Imports Flower Acrylic Vase Cylinder

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Why You Should Get It

Keep in Mind

An orchid is so stunning on its own, it doesn’t need a fancy pot to make it shine. A simple, clear vase might be just the thing to really highlight your spectacular plant. Luckily, they come cheap, starting at under $10 for the smallest size. There are six sizes total, and the 8 x 4-inch option has a good amount of room for an orchid.

Because this vase is made from acrylic, you get the look and sun exposure of glass with the durability of plastic. Each one is weighted at the bottom to prevent potential leaning from heavy plants. Suitable for far more than just plants, you can use these to hold makeup brushes and other household objects.

If you do decide to use these for plants, we recommend placing them on a protective surface as it’s possible for some water to leak from the bottom.

Price at time of publish: From $8

Product Details: Size: 6 sizes, starting at 4 x 4 inches | Material: Acrylic

Best Large: Allen + Roth Teal Resin Planter with Drainage Holes

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Why You Should Get It

Keep in Mind

This striking orchid pot provides endless versatility. The outside is glazed with a UV-inhibiting coating, giving it a pleasant shiny finish and preventing the color from fading long term. The recycled resin material has a similar look to ceramic, but it’s more lightweight and durable.

Its approximately 16-inch diameter provides plenty of breathing room for an orchid to make a statement. There’s also room to throw a smaller pot in there if you’re worried about the roots spreading too much.

The easy-pop-out drainage holes on the bottom help to prevent over-watering. It comes in several striking colors like blue, teal, white, and red. Each option has the same design on the outside, though.

Price at time of publish: From $40

Product Details: Size: 16.76 x 14.34 x 16.76 inches | Material: Resin

Best Hanging: Threshold 9” Wide Hanging Modern Outdoor Ceramic Planter Pot

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Why You Should Get It

Keep in Mind

This hanging pot is high quality for the price and designed with a range of styles in mind. The soft gray ceramic glaze complements all kinds of spaces, indoors and out, and provides a nice contrast against vivid green plants. It even looks a bit artisanal despite its big box origins, further emphasized by the hanging rope detail.

Now, there are a couple of potential obstacles. The rope is short, so you may want to consider restringing the pot depending on how you plan to display it. Just make sure whatever you replace it with is durable, as the pot is heavy.

Price at time of publish: $20

Product Details: Size: 8.08 x 21.46 x 8.08 inches | Material: Ceramic

Best Self-Watering: Eva Solo Self-Watering Orchid Pot

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Why You Should Get It

Keep in Mind

Overwatering an orchid is easy to do, which is why a self-watering pot makes a great choice for those who worry about their plant-care skills. This one has a cute, minimalist design. The part the orchid sits in is made from clear glass, allowing light to absorb through the roots of the plant.

The base serves as a water reservoir, with nylon wicks that ensure your plant absorbs only the water it needs without the risk of rotting roots. The reservoir is made from semi-transparent frosted glass to show you how much water is left.

As far as downsides go, there aren’t many, though you may find that the nylon wicks get gross over time and might need to be replaced.

Price at time of publish: $60

Product Details: Size: 6 x 7 x 6 inches | Material: Glass

Two’s Company Inc. Faux Bamboo Cachepot

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Why You Should Get It

  • This beautiful, glossy, bamboo-inspired ceramic pot would make a lovely gift when paired with an orchid.

Keep in Mind

Orchids are striking, statement-making plants—so why not pair one with a striking, statement-making pot? Designed to replicate bamboo, this is one of the best orchid pots because it can visually hold its own against such a striking plant.

Whereas orchids are vibrant in color, this cachepot is glossy white with a square, geometric structure. We think these two distinctive styles would make a beautiful contrast. Add the plant and give it as a gift for something truly memorable.

That said, this pot is only available in stark white. If that’s not your style, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Price at time of publish: $55

Product Details: Size: 7.75 x 7.75 x 7 inches | Material: Ceramic

Best Wooden: H&M Wooden Plant Pot

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Why You Should Get It

  • Several finishes are available to complement your flowers including black, brown, beige, and light brown.

Keep in Mind

Sleek and simple, this pick made our list of the best orchid pots because it comes in several finishes to complement your flowers. Many wooden products are available in a single color, but this pot comes in four: brown, black, beige, and light brown.

You can also snag large and small pots of the same design, though not every color is up for grabs in each size.

With wooden pots, you have to be more careful with water than with other materials. Your orchid should be placed inside an interior pot that can be taken out for watering in order to protect the wood from damage.

Price at time of publish: $35

Product Details: Size: 6 x 5.5 inches | Material: Mango wood

The Bottom Line

The Santino ORCHIDEA Self Watering Pot is our choice for the best orchid pot because the self-watering features protects the plant from overwatering, and it comes in eight colors and two sizes. Our budget pick, the Better Homes & Gardens Thalea Scalloped Bowl with Stand features a faux cement finish and scalloped rim that looks elevated and expensive despite the low price.

What to Know About Orchid Pots Before Shopping


“Orchids don’t want a ton of room for their roots to grow, so if you’re repotting an orchid, you’ll want to keep the pot close to the size of the root ball and not much larger,” shares McEnaney.

“If you get too big of a pot, the added soil will retain too much moisture and cause harm to the plant.”

McEnaney’s tip? Keep the plant in its original pot and drop that into a more decorative planter that allows for a gap between the two so extra moisture can collect away from the roots.


Orchids don’t love excess moisture, so the plastic pots with slits they tend to come in are an effective option (though perhaps not the most attractive). Plus, sunlight is able to reach the aerial roots. Worried about appearances?  “Even if you drop the plastic pot into something more aesthetic for the day-to-day, plastic can be a great option,” McEnaney recommends.

You’ll get similar results with wood or mesh, which echo the orchid’s natural habitat. That said, if you’re keeping the orchid in an interior pot, the outside container’s material doesn’t matter too much. Ceramic, resin, and glass are attractive options that feature on our list of the best orchid pots.

Your Questions, Answered

Do orchids need a specific kind of pot?

Orchids can be a little high maintenance, and it’s important to recreate their natural environment as closely as possible. “Because orchids are epiphytes, or one that grows on another plant, they grow with little to no soil around the roots in the wild,” McEnaney explains. “Additionally, orchid roots can contain chlorophyll and can photosynthesize sunlight to create energy for the plant.” Because of these two traits, a pot with great drainage and some exposure to sunlight is ideal.

Where can you buy orchid pots?

Many of the best orchid pots come from Amazon, including the Two’s Company Faux Bamboo Cachepot, Eva Solo Self-Watering Orchid Pot, and Royal Imports Flower Acrylic Vase Cylinder. The Pottery Barn Provence Scalloped Edge Planter, Walmart Better Homes & Gardens Thalea Scalloped Bowl with Stand, and Target Room Service Indoor/Outdoor Self-Watering Planter all come from big names. You’ll even find orchid pots at places like Anthropologie (i.e. the Terrain Charcoal Ceramic Rounded Planter) and H&M (the Wooden Plant Pot).

Who We Are

Quincy Bulin is a writer who covers products and home topics, making this story the ideal intersection of her work. To find the best orchid pots, she conducted hours of research and consulted Ryan McEnaney, fifth-generation plantsman, garden designer, and author of Field Guide to Outside Style.

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