Hungryroot grows 40% YoY, expands curation of healthy foods

Over the last six months, Weinstein noted, the company has focused more intently on its AI systems, “both operations research-powered and machine learning-powered systems to give customers better recommendations,” contributing to the company’s 40% YoY growth and strengthened customer loyalty.

When users sign up for Hungryroot, they are prompted to answer questions about their food preferences and dietary needs. By “asking the right questions,” Weinstein said, Hungryroot’s machine learning has a “powerful head start” to provide even more improved ingredient, product and recipe recommendations than the last.

“We’ve been able to improve [retention] dramatically over the course of the last two years. It’s up more than 50% in the first six months and customers tend to spend more than 50% with us now than they did two years ago,” Weinstein emphasized.

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Weinstein credits two-thirds of Hungryroot’s sales revenue to its fine-tuned AI capabilities. The other third is driven from customized outrate which he defined as “what our customers didn’t like and replaced with their own recommendations.”

He also credits Hungryroot’s expanded variety of products and categories in three of its facilities covering 48 states—which include vitamins and children’s snacks—while simultaneously improving its AI-powered personalization capabilities.  

“Our consumers come to us to fulfill a bigger set of needs around grocery and food, and the more categories we can cover … then this [AI] personalization system has more raw materials to pick from [to] leverage the knowledge that it has about the customer better,” he said.

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