Focus on Mental Health in Agriculture Continues


Written By: Press Release Posted by David Elliott
Published Date: 05-30-2023

As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to an end, the Kansas Department of Agriculture reminds all those in the Kansas agriculture community that mental health needs to be a priority all year round.

As farmers and ranchers face unavoidable pressure from the daily challenges that are part of agriculture, from unpredictable weather to fluctuations in commodity market prices, added stress can be difficult to manage.

Several years ago, the Kansas Department of Agriculture, along with several Kansas ag partners, developed a website to provide resources and support to those dealing with ag-related stress. The website can be found at

The website serves as a resource for those struggling with issues ranging from mental health, anxiety and suicide to substance abuse and food insecurity. Visitors will also find information regarding financial counseling, legal assistance, disaster recovery and much more. As more tools are developed and become available, this website continues to be updated and serves as a hub of current information and resources. For example, KDA collaborated with Kansas Corn to add a section of mental health providers with agriculture-specific experience, called Ag Aware. features resources and support for every member of the family, from teens to aging adults. Unique resources are also available to assist our farmer veterans, who face the issues that come with farming, along with the possible challenges of being a military veteran.

“The purpose of this website is to help care for and assist Kansas farmers and ranchers in their well-being,” KDA Secretary Mike Beam said. “We encourage all Kansans to care for themselves and their neighbors in difficult times, and this site provides information about the resources available in communities across the state.”

The Kansas Department of Agriculture and the State of Kansas are committed to serving Kansas farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses and the customers they serve. Together with their partners, they have made it a priority to provide support and assistance to Kansans battling ag-related stress and mental health struggles.

(Information courtesy KDA.)

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