Best Pet Wellness Plans for Routine Care

Pet wellness plans are typically an add-on to accident-and-illness pet insurance and include an additional monthly premium. Preventative care packages are usually between $10 and $25 per month in addition to the pet insurance premium and cover preventive health care, such as routine vet visits, vaccinations and spaying/neutering.

Lemonade offers the best pet wellness plans with two add-on preventative care packages for under $27 per month.

Pet Insurance vs. Pet Wellness Plans

Pet insurance plans typically cover costs associated with accidents and illnesses. They don’t include wellness coverage.

The table below compares coverage for a pet insurance policy versus a pet wellness plan.

Watch the video below to learn more in-depth differences between pet insurance plans and preventative care plans by Heart and Paw.

How Much Do Pet Wellness Plans Cost?

The cost of a preventative care add-on will depend heavily on the provider and the amount of coverage included. Pet owners cannot buy just a pet wellness plan; they must also buy an accident-and-illness or accident-only insurance plan.

The cost for just a pet wellness plan add-on is typically under $20, ranging from $10-$19 for our top recommended companies. The cost ranges from around $41 to $67 for a basic pet insurance policy and a preventative care package.

Most pet insurance companies offer the same pet wellness plan option for all breeds. The table below has a breakdown of pet wellness plan costs and the overall cost of pet insurance and preventative care.

Do Pet Wellness Plans Have Waiting Periods?

Every pet insurance company has waiting periods before coverage begins, which also applies to wellness plans. The average waiting period for a pet insurance policy is one to two weeks. Be sure to enroll in a pet insurance plan with an additional wellness plan before starting routine care to receive coverage.



Do Pet Wellness Plans Cover Preexisting Conditions?

No, pet wellness plans don’t cover preexisting conditions. Unfortunately, no pet insurer currently covers preexisting conditions. Insurance companies see pets with these medical conditions as costly and high-risk investments, especially since they’re guaranteed to need veterinary care in the foreseeable future.

However, some companies will distinguish between curable and incurable conditions, opting to cover curable conditions with specific stipulations. In addition, some routine treatments covered in wellness plans may help cure these conditions.



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